What you can do

The Government, landowners and developers and other supporters of the scheme want you to think that the Expressway and “growth corridor” is inevitable.

Don’t let them convince you. It’s not a done deal.

Take action to help safeguard our countryside, wildlife and wider environment – not only for us but for future generations.

Some actions will take just a few minutes, some will take a bit longer, while others could take a few hours. Choose something that you can manage.

Suggested actions to choose from include:

  • Writing to Highways England to register your opposition. Email: OxfordtoCambridgeExpressway@highwaysengland.co.uk
  • Writing to your MP. Or finding out where and what time their surgery is open and going to speak to them
  • Contacting your local councillors – both in your local planning authority, and in your parish – asking them to hold a meeting with local residents to hear their views
  • Writing to your local paper
  • Signing this petition
  • Checking BEAG’s news and events page for details of meetings, or other items
  • Going to meetings you see advertised here or elsewhere, if you can
  • Making a list of five people who you think could help influence decision makers, and/or who you think can help spread the word, then contacting them
  • Buying (and wearing) a No Expressway T-shirt
  • Following BEAG on Twitter @BEAG_Tweets
  • Sharing the link to this website on social media

Put your best foot forward… like this concerned citizen did…

You’re never too young (or too old) to add your voice to something that you know isn’t right !
Join the debate and make a change.
(With thanks to Otto.)


If you’ve got any videos or photographs regarding the Expressway that you’re happy to share, please consider emailing us using the contact form below.