Dateline: Wednesday 6 March 2019

Various over the past couple of weeks

You might be aware that the High Court recently accepted the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust’s (BBOWT) claim against the Government over the OxCam Expressway. To read the full story, please click here.

Smart Growth has written an excellent report on the flimsy logic behind the OxCam Expressway and Corridor. Entitled, “The Overheated Arc“, it makes highly informative reading. As the report demonstrates, there is simply no justification for this awful scheme at all, and the democratic deficit is clear. We don’t got to say whether we want an Expressway or not, but we are expected to pay for it.

A BEAG supporter has contributed a thought provoking short film for our website. With HS2 currently uprooting mature trees and hedgerows on 200 acres around Calvert, the film couldn’t be more timely, or alarming.

However, if the destruction of 200 acres of land appalls you, bear in mind that the developers Urban and Civic currently have an agreement with the Claydon Estate over 785 acres of land around Calvert. They expect to get 2000 additional acres – ten times the size of the HS2 site. The developer’s list of “strategic sites” can be found here. Scroll down to see details of the Claydon Estate deal.

With assaults on nature seemingly everywhere, BBOWT is asking people to write to their MP to call for a strong Environment Bill. As BBOWT states, the first draft the Government published in December 2018 “lacks real power“. Moreover, “it risks leaving wildlife and nature in this country worse off than before.

Details here.