The Scale of the Problem

A map illustrating the scale of proposed developments across the UK has been launched

Since we began our campaign in 2018, BEAG has become very aware of the number of people trying to prevent the destruction of precious green spaces in their area, whether the destruction would be by roads, dams, incinerators, houses, or business and industrial zones.

To bring these campaigns together, and to show the scale of the issue, BEAG (with two other community campaigners), has launched an interactive map in order to illustrate the number of green spaces currently under threat.

Though the map was launched just a few days ago, over 120 campaigning groups and individuals across the UK have contributed. While the map is indicative, and not definitive, the result is pretty startling and we’re now aiming for media interest and to use the map to lobby decision-makers.

To view the interactive live map, please click here.

Note that the five-county boundary of the OxCam “Arc” is shown in pink, and it is possible to add a pin within it. To add your own pin to the map – whether you’re campaigning against the Arc and expressway, or other development – please access the form here. You will need a google password, and to provide a postcode.