About BEAG

The Buckinghamshire Environment Action Group (BEAG) was formed by local residents in September 2018 in opposition to the Ox-Cam Expressway and its associated “growth corridor” (now known as the “Ox-Cam Arc”).

Following pressure from local communities, the Government announced in March 2021 that Expressway – once deemed to be vital to “unlock” growth in the region – was cancelled. Nevertheless, the Government is pressing on with plans for the OxCam Arc – industrial, business and housing zones stretching across five counties.

BEAG objects to the top-down planning regime that the Government wishes to impose on the region. If it goes ahead, the scheme will cause massive and permanent harm to the natural and historic environment.

Given that we are in a climate emergency and biodiversity crisis, we feel that plans for rapid growth in the area are reckless and wrong. So, our campaign continues under a new name. Reflecting our concerns about the local and wider environment, we are now the Buckinghamshire Environment Action Group.

BEAG is a member of the CommunityPlanningAlliance.

We welcome people from all walks of life. If you’d like to support us, please email info@beag.org.uk or contact us from here…