About BEAG

The Buckinghamshire Expressway Action Group (BEAG) was formed by local residents in September 2018 in opposition to the Expressway and its associated “growth corridor” (one million new houses). We love our local countryside and we value the wildlife it supports. We believe strongly in democracy.

We object to the fact that decisions on the preferred route of the Expressway were made by bureaucrats behind closed doors. We object to the fact that, if built, the scheme will cause massive and permanent harm to the natural and historic environment. We object to the fact that no proper environmental assessment of the likely impacts of the scheme has ever been carried out.

BEAG is part of the No Expressway Alliance. Like BEAG, NEA objects to the plans in principle, and welcomes supporters from all walks of life.

If you’d like to support BEAG, please email info@beag.org.uk or contact us from here…